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Results of the Global Employee Referral Index are out.

This survey report will give you global trends and best practices to run an effective Employee Referral Program

The Largest Ever Initiative on Employee Referrals

Over 500+ successful businesses from each industry have joined hands with us for this Campaign. Be a part of it to gain from and contribute to the global recruiting fraternity.

Where does your organization rank on the index?

Get a personalized indexing report for your organization that helps you understand key performance indicators of an ERP better.

The First Ever Global Employee Referral Index

ER-i is the first ever initiative on employee referrals that brings together recruitment leaders from all across the world to set the benchmarks of an employee referral program.

The First Ever

ER-i is the first ever Employee Referral Index driven by ZALP to enable organizations to evaluate their referral process by benchmarking it against that of industry leaders and other high performing referral programs of successful organizations.

It is the first ever global initiative that aims to bring together recruitment leaders from all across the world to set the benchmarks for successful employee referral programs.

The Largest Ever

The Index will be the largest ever initiative on employee referrals and will be a result of a global survey with over 1000+ participating organizations from different industries.

The Employee Referral Index covers important variables and key performance indicators crucial for the evaluation and assessment of any referral program.

Taking the initiative forward all participating organizations will also receive personalized benchmarking reports for their organization to help them evaluate, analyze and devise further strategies.

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Get a personalized employee referral indexing report for your organization

We respect your privacy. Your data will be kept anonymous. All the data will be studied in aggregate only.


This report helps you to:

  • Evaluate your current referral process using some key metrics
  • Benchmark your current process against industry standards
  • Identify important areas of improvement
  • Get best practice solutions for each metric
  • Understand key recruitment variables

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Thank you for participating in ER-i

The First Ever Employee Referral Index brought to you by ZALP

ER-i has been initiated to help recruitment professionals all over the globe evaluate the performance of their employee referral program and recognize its true potential.

You will shortly receive your personalized indexing report that will help you understand your organization’s position on the index.

ZALP – The only focused Employee Referral Booster constantly endeavors to help recruitment professionals unleash the true potential of their employee referral program.

To know more about ZALP visit www.zalp.com

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